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Boating Bites


New podcast episode is LIVE! Bill Barrow and The Boat Princess.


This is another incredible conversation from my UK trip where I was treated to a tour of the Princess Yacht International factory.

I caught up with Bill Barrow, who is the international sales manager of Princess Yachts and he shares how he started sailing at 6 years old with his mother and building boats when he was just 8 years old.

As we reflected on his years in the boating industry, Bill talks about his education in marine studies, experiences in production boat building and service industry.

From owning his own marine service business to his current role with Princess, Bill's passion for the industry will continue long into his 'retirement' which is due to take effect any day now.

Also in this episode I give some tips on attending this years Sydney Boat Show.

1. Shoes off, no handbags

2. Don't be the person that opens every cupboard door

3. Don't lie on the beds

4. Ask the questions of the crew.

Sydney Boat Show starts this Friday 28th July 2022 and I will be hosting an industry event on Friday from 4.30pm - 6pm so go here to get your tickets.

The Boating Industry is an international playing field with lots of sectors but it takes people who are well trained and educated to ensure it continues to thrive.

Listen to more episodes and check out the website for details about the upcoming

See you on the water!

Nicky xx


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