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Boating Bites


If you are visiting the Sydney Boat Show, here are some useful tips for your weekend:

Updated: Jul 22, 2022

Going to the Sydney Boat Show is exciting and a great way to explore the right vessel and boating equipment for you with an abundance of experts on site to ask advice from.

If you are new to boating or you have never been to a show and even if you have, I want to make sure you know the etiquette and also the information to get the best out of your visit.

1. Wear the right shoes

When you view a boat you will be asked to remove your shoes so they will be on and off all day and left beside boats

So: Wear ones that slip on and off easily

This is NOT the time to wear your Louboutins, Manolo’s or Jimmy’s leave them for the evening VIP events!

2. Take a handbag you don’t mind putting down

Again many boats will ask you to leave your handbag behind with them when you view a boat.

This is because bags can scratch the beautiful interiors of the vessels and if this boat doesn’t already belong to someone it will do soon and they don’t want the scratches.

So the best strategy is:

Go without a handbag altogether OR Don’t be precious about leaving it at the cockpit of the boat (the back deck) or the reception area - it just makes you look like an amateur if you do.

3. Plan ahead with tickets and parking.

Buy all of your tickets online so that you don’t have to queue.

4. Make sure you take photos/notes about what you love and what you don’t.

You will see so many boats it will all mash into one by the end of the day in your memory so make notes and take photos as you go, and make sure you note which brands they are.

5. Ask questions and to be given a tour if possible.

Lots of boats have spectacular hidden features you won’t know are there if you just walk through, and the people showing the boat love to share their knowledge.

Remember to look for features that affect your lifestyle on the boat - for example the volume of refrigeration, size of holding tanks and so on.

6. Last of all do NOT take food or drinks on board....

or...lay on the beds, open all the cupboards and drawers without asking permission and definitely DO NOT use the toilet on board.

Doing any of these shows you a true non-boaty and lack etiquette entirely.


If you're as excited as I am for the Sydney Boat Show then I'm sure you'll be interested in the brand new Harbour Lounge coming to the boat show for the first time this year.

The Sydney International Boat Show has introduced a new level of visitor experience and

corporate hospitality with the launch of The Harbour Lounge, a brand-new VIP precinct aboard the 60m aboard the 60m superyacht The Jackson. The Harbour Lounge offers guests a private haven and a taste of the superyacht life and is ideal for entertaining clients, a corporate event destination or enjoying an unforgettable experience with friends.

The Harbour Lounge includes all-day gourmet catering, premium beverages, live entertainment and boutique tasting experiences.

Limited tickets are available, so don’t miss your opportunity to be the first to experience the show’s newest precinct, The Harbour Lounge.

If you're looking to purchase tickets tap on the button below.

I'm looking forward to seeing you there!


Over time we will do some more detailed information on this and if you subscribe to my podcast you’ll hear us talk in more detail about Boat Shows and what to look for when exploring the boats and comparing brands and equipment.

Also, check out my IGTV on @theboatprincess for boat tours at Boat Shows.

Boat Shows are fun. Plan for as much time as possible to enjoy them and make the most of being on those luxurious vessels!

The Boat Princess



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