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Boating Bites


"Anyone can hold the helm when the sea is calm"

After finding her love of design at the tender age of 7, Sarah declared to her parents she wanted to be an interior 'disaster' instead of a 'designer'. The mid 90's had her obsessed with the TV Changing Rooms and the excitement of a revealing a new and designer space. And now with her art and design diploma from University and a degree from the School of Art in Textile and Design, her attention was hijacked by Boats.

Sarah now works at Setag, with a full life and travel under her belt, she thrives in a team environment, creating and designing the beautiful interiors you see in the line. 

Sarah has a focus on sustainability - taking plastics collected from the oceans and plastics weaved into the furnishings, the design leaves clients with a feel good sense of contributing to the recycling of wastes and well as thrilling them in bringing their older boat back to life and up to date with modern design.

With modern day luxuries, clients can rely on Sarah to collaborate and create what they always wanted. 

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