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Networking - The Secrets to Success by The Boat Princess

One of the things I love doing most is bringing people together that can help each other.

There's a saying that is particularly appropriate for our industry that "A rising tide lifts all boats". If we work together and support each other, if we share our networks, abilities and knowledge we all benefit.

Yes I know, some of you will be holding tightly onto your databases right now and thinking I am being far too naive but remember - this industry is small, the client base is continually linked and they will change their habits. They will change boat brands and types for their own reasons, they will move from marina to marina as their life circumstances change.

The more you can help a client with contacts you know that can make their boating lifestyle easier and more enjoyable the more they will appreciate you and your business.

The more people you know to make things happen, collaborate with to create mutual success and simply enjoy the company of the more your life becomes enriched. I have friends all over the world in this industry and it's a constant surprise as to how the links meet up on regular basis.


Respond to messages, comment on posts, support each other.

Create a little group that always likes and comments on your posts so that you immediately get traction.

Top tips for networking in a room:

  1. Before you attend an event do a little research as to who might be there - find out some of the terms they may use so you can speak and understand their language

  2. Turn up on brand - dressed inline with the event and the image you wish to portray. This includes for social events.

  3. Set your intention of entering the room on the basis of "what can I do to help people" not what they can do to help you.

  4. Take a pause as you enter and if you don't see someone immediately you wish to approach walk around the room as if you are looking for someone before you do

  5. When you approach someone find something interesting they are wearing or perhaps close to them to talk about - make them feel at ease that you are genuinely interested in who they are and why they are at this event

  6. Ask them how they spend most of their time not "what they do" this is especially important when in a room of women and women with their partners

  7. Use an electronic app or electronic card to make transferring your details to them easily

  8. If they give you a card - take a photo of it in case you lose it. Make a couple of notes about them - children's names? favourite wine? last holiday taken? then weave it into the next message you send them - make them feel good because you have listened to them and remembered what they said.

  9. Connect with them within 24 hours after meeting them on linked in. Send them a message mentioning where you met to jog your memory if needed next message.

  10. If they mention they are on Instagram - immediately follow them in front of them and ask them to follow you - send them a DM mentioning where you met so that will jog your memory and make you look good next time you contact each other. Instagram is an incredible B to B tool.

  11. Don't drink too much, don't eat too much.


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