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NEW EPISODE! Andy and Pete: Princess Yacht design that delivers forward thinking...

Updated: Oct 25, 2022


So for this episode I again come to you from the UK, a trip that just keeps on giving and this interview is no different. I caught up with Andy and Pete who design the Princess Yachts, turning the blank canvas of the hull into a awe inspiring jaw dropping space that ensures every Princess Yacht owner happiness.

Andy Lawrence, the Director of Design, shares his journey into Princess Yachts from Jaguar and Pete Callum, Principle Creative Designer, also explains how years spent designing the interiors of luxury brand vehicles, and then followed his addiction with the sea where the logical progressions was to boats.  Pete spent some time in Australia working for Ford.

Andy and Pete dive deep into how the design team create the finished product of a Princess Yacht and bring all the components of the boating ecosystem together, navigating the challenges building a beautiful boat brings. 

'You find space where you thought there was none'.

Princess Yachts is an innovative global organisation that are leading the space in sustainability, so hang in there as Andy and Pete unpack the future of boating.

Plus it was great to be asked to join this amazing group of women expressing their joy of being beyond their 40's rather than their dread of it which the media insists we should all do by constantly telling us we should use Botox to desperately cling on to our youth...

So much positivity in one article and some amazing women to be alongside.

All the best,

Nicky xx


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