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New Podcast Episode Alert! The Magenta Project Is The Inlet For Women Into Boating with Meg Riley

My most recent episode is an inspiring story that may just sweep you away from your multitasking routine. Prepare to be absorbed in the world of The Magenta Project and their relentless commitment to fostering equity and inclusion in the realm of sailing, with a particular focus on gender.


Recently, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Meg Riley, a driving force behind The Magenta Project. What unfolded was a captivating conversation about the collective's journey, marked by passion and dedication. From grassroots initiatives to collaborations with international events and leagues, Meg and her team are reshaping the narrative of sailing.


The Magenta Project was born from the success of Team SCA in the Volvo Ocean Race 2014-2015, and Meg sheds light on the challenges they faced, including the early struggle for sponsorship support. Discover how The Magenta Project navigated the blind spots of sponsors and turned challenges into opportunities.


Our discussion delves into the sporting side of boating, unveiling ambitious goals such as increased participation and the pursuit of gender parity in sport. Meg shares strategies and insights on achieving equal pay and equal play, emphasising that boating is a sport for everyone, breaking stereotypes one wave at a time.


For those eager to learn more, The Magenta Project has just released a compelling article detailing their recent success: Breaking Waves and Barriers: Magenta Project Sailors Join the 12th Round Hainan Regatta 2023 All-female Team. Dive into their triumphs and the significant steps taken towards diversity and inclusion in the sailing world.


2024 is set to be an exciting year for us all here at The Boat Princess and we hope it will be for you too.


As your ever ready source of information about the boating industry we thought we would make it easy for you to plan your year ahead with us.

Boat Shows are an exciting part of what the industry does, as well as bringing you the latest products and services, they are an awesome place for us all to catch up, and there are an abundance of them held all over the world. 


We don’t go to all of them, but our audience is all over the world, so it’s important we share the dates of the big ones you can attend! 

If we intend to be there or have an event there, we have marked this on the dates. 

Just a small reminder, if you want to be my next guest send me an email or drop me a message on Instagram @theboatprincess.

Can’t wait to see you all in 2024!


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