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The 5 biggest mistake motoryacht owners make...

Listen to the experts.

The world of boating is a unique one and therefore listening to people in the know is paramount. From purchasing to using, berthing, maintaining and selling a boat don't assume you know it all, I have to say in boats that is virtually impossible. Take advice from multiple persons in the same skills area and heed what they say (unless it's bagging out another boat brand because they want you to buy theirs).

Service the boat regularly.

With cars everyone seems to get it. Boats are the same if you don't service them they will be unreliable and they will develop issues that are big expenses. It's a false economy not to service them regularly.

Polish the exterior regularly.

This obviously applies to GRP vessels. This should be done every 6 months minimum and truly if you can, every quarter. Maintenance is far cheaper than cure.

Use the boat.

Boats are like bodies. If you don't use them, they die.

Antifoul once a year or check the hull.

Have your boat antifouled every year by those that are in the know. A good hardstand operator will notice small problems before they become a big one and probably save you a lot more than the cost of the antifoul. A professionally applied antifoul by the right operator will save you money and fuel. At Empire Marinas in Sydney and Lake Macquarie we take pride in what we do, make sure wherever you go does too.


Click below to see my tour of the Illiad 62 master bedroom from the Sydney Boat Show.

For this episode I again come to you from the UK, a trip that just keeps on giving and this interview is no different. I caught up with Andy and Pete who design Princess Yachts, turning the blank canvas of the hull into a awe inspiring jaw dropping space that ensures every Princess Yacht owner is happy.

Andy Lawrence, the Director of Design, shares his journey into Princess Yachts from Jaguar and Pete Cullum-Kenyon, Principle Creative Designer, also explains how years spent designing the interiors of luxury brand vehicles, along with his addiction to the sea is where the logical progression was to boats. 

Andy and Pete dive deep into how the design team create the finished product of a Princess Yacht and bring all the components of the boating ecosystem together, navigating the challenges building a beautiful boat brings. 

'You find space where you thought there was none'.

Princess Yachts is an innovative global organisation that are leading the space in sustainability, so hang in there as Andy and Pete unpack the future of boating.


The Boat Princess cap is an iconic piece of merchandise that shows you're apart of a boating community. The cap is a structured 6 Panel hat that has a pre-curved peak with embroidered eyelets and of course includes The Boat Princess logo.

Show your apart of the women in boating community by wearing your cap!


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See you on the water soon.

Nicky xx


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