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Dynamic Super Yacht Designer Duo Dasha and Claire embed sustainability...

Dive into my conversation with Creative Director Dasha Moranova, and Claire Ferandier-sicard.


Dasha is the visionary behind the groundbreaking AI-driven wellness project "Senses." Discover how she's reshaping luxury travel with invisible technologies while bagging a sustainability award for her innovative design.


Claire is an accidental entrepreneur on a mission to tackle marine pollution. From solving problems for captains, crew, and suppliers to developing sustainable products and processes onboard super yachts, Clare is leading the charge for a cleaner, greener future.


Join us as we explore how Dasha and Clare are teaming up to create a force of nature for sustainability. From collaborative efforts with fellow designers to empowering women in the boating industry, they're proving that small actions can lead to big impacts.


Discover Clare's ethos of "Not how to do better, but why people need to do better" and how it's driving meaningful change in the industry. Dive into her journey of guilt, solutions, and the pursuit of aligning actions with values and moral compass. Join us as we celebrate these inspiring individuals and their dedication to creating a sustainable future for our oceans and seas.


Together, let's sail towards a brighter tomorrow!💙


Why is it important to have your boat on a marina that has a hardstand and contractors on site?


  1. If your boat for some reason starts to take on water - we have a straddle carrier that can lift her out of it.

  2. You will save money and time on your boat maintenance. Contractors charge travel time to your boat and if they don't diagnose something on the first visit or if they might need to come back with parts that can get expensive.

  3. The number of hardstands available is reducing and the number of boats needing them is increasing. If your boat is on the marina the hardstand operation belongs to it so it will get priority over the outside boats. In other words as an outside boat or boat in another marina without a hardstand you will wait longer for your antifoul service.

  4. If you're selling your boat and it needs a survey lift you have a straddle carrier available to do it.

  5. If you need something fixed and you can't get to the boat, it's a simple call to the contractors on site to do it for you.


Making life easier is about convenience. Having a hardstand and contractors based on the marina at which your boat is kept is that convenience!  

Just a small reminder, if you want to be my next guest send me an email or drop me a message on Instagram @theboatprincess.

Can’t wait to see you all in 2024!


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