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On The Stands of The Miami Boat Show with Suzuki, Yamaha and Mercury Marine

Updated: Apr 30

It was an a honour to be part of a magnificent panel of Women in our Industry at METSTRADE last year.


Click below to watch, I hope you enjoy it!

In my recent special podcast episode, we're diving into the latest developments in sustainability and innovation within the marine industry.


ICOMIA Recap: Commitment to Sustainability.


In our recent ICOMIA episode with Darren Vaux and Jeff Wasil, we delved into the marine industry's dedication to sustainability. From investing in eco-friendly practices to developing products that enhance environmental outcomes, the commitment is palpable.


Quick Catchup Interviews


Suzuki Marine

Brandon Cerka - General Manager of Sales and Marketing

Jason Stimmel - Manager for Suzuki Marine Technical Dept, USA


Suzuki is making waves with their vision for environmental sustainability through projects like Ocean Clean Up. They've made tangible changes, from shifting packaging from plastic to paper to installing micro plastic collection devices on engines. These devices actively gather microplastics as you cruise the waterways. Suzuki has even partnered with plastic collectors, allowing you to turn the plastics collected into your very own plastic bracelet. Plus, we touch on electrification, hydrogen, EcoGen93 Fuel, and renewable ethanol blends.


Yamaha Marine

Dr. Grant Suzuki - USA Chief of Technology


Yamaha is leading the charge with the world's first hydrogen-powered outboard motor options. Dr. Suzuki shares the story behind this innovation and his journey into the marine industry. Additionally, Brad Massey from Yamaha Right Waters discusses the four pillars of sustainability. These pillars guide Yamaha's objectives, focusing on policies and regulations that benefit both the environment and customers. Their efforts even extend to initiatives like reef restorations.


Mercury Marine

Dan Wright - Senior Category Manager of Electrification


Mercury is revolutionising the market with a host of innovative outboard motors. Dan Wright gives us a glimpse into what Mercury has introduced and what's to come, particularly for smaller marine craft.


Want to dig deeper into these exciting developments? Visit The Boat Princess for more details.


It's been an incredible experience sharing this Miami 2024 update with you all. The future of marine sustainability is bright, and it's closer than the horizon on a Bondi Beach summer day.

Just a small reminder, if you want to be my next guest send me an email or drop me a message on Instagram @theboatprincess.


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