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Boating Bites


The top 6 reasons why you should buy a boat or, why you did if you need a reminder...

Updated: Apr 30

Ok sure I am a little biased. I ow nmarinas. Of course I want you to buy a boat. But here's the thing...I have such a strong belief that boating is good for everyone, THAT is the reason why I think everyone should have a boat. But if you need some more reasons why, I am here to help. Some, you would have thought of already, but some you may not, and if you have a boat already - this is just a sunny reminder of why you do.

1. It's a weekender

Sure you could buy a house, if you are buying a big boat, which is a couple of hours drive from home but is it really as good as a boat? Can you change the view? Can you change it's location? Do you really want to pay land tax? Is the heavy traffic to and from going to spoil the weekend? Finally, can you afford the house with the water view? With a boat, a water view is guaranteed and the budget can be much lower than that waterfront weekender (and frankly berth fees are cheaper than land tax in some places now - at least you get some service with berth fees!)

2. It gets the kids away from their devices.

My kids in going boating have learnt life skills and yes taken time off from their screens without me having to force it! They know how to row, how to start an outboard, how to kayak, how to tie a few knots and best of all how to drive a boat and a jetski - talk about giving them excitement without a device...It means the kids get to learn about safety and the concept of "driving" before they do it on the road. Boat Licences start younger and of course if you travel under 10 knots as long as you are supervising you can give the kid the wheel for a moment - do you have any idea how exciting that is for them ? It's a thrill and a smile you will never forget.

3. You get to go to places others do not....

You get to explore places those that don't have a boat simply cannot. Secluded bays, tiny quiet beaches, waterfront restaurants, friends that live on islands - all are simply not accessible without a boat - be the chosen ones that can access all these and more.

4. It's a place of pure relaxation

I have always thought this but have since found many agree - a few hours on a boat feels like a whole weekend anywhere else. There is nothing, simply nothing more relaxing than falling asleep on a sunlounger on a boat as it gently rocks you into a deep slumber, fishing in the middle of nowhere or being out of range so you can't use your phone. At home you will often think of tasks to do - out on your boat - you are present, focused on the water around you.

5. It's freedom.

There are some moments on a boat when there is simply no-one out there but you. In the overcrowded cities most of us occupy it is pure relief sometimes to experience that freedom. You are also away from everyone - in the busy world we live in - that's an advantage.

6. In contrast though....

It's a way of getting friends and family together in a safe space. Time spent together on a boat together will be a memory created to think back on for many years after it happened.

If you were a grandchild which would you prefer....lets go visit granny and grandpops in their apartment OR Granny and Grandpops have asked us out on the boat on Sunday would you like to go ? And as for friends - well we all know they love you having a boat !

Plus right now...Covid isn't going away. Boating is one thing we can enjoy which is a Covid safe activity, with our families, with our friends, even as a pure escape on our own. Superyacht sales have gone through the roof because they are a luxury floating home away from it all, all boat sales are up as the world realises what a fantastic activity it is, and what an escape it can be whilst we cannot travel. Whether you are a Quintrex tinny or a Superyacht owner, your life is simply better for having a boat.

The Boat Princess



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