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Finding a pathway to Decarbonisation for the Recreational Marine Industry with Darren Vaux

In this special episode, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Darren Vaux, the President of ICOMIA, to discuss the groundbreaking report "The Pathways to Decarbonisation for the Recreational Marine Industry" commissioned by ICOMIA and conducted by Ricardo plc. This comprehensive report investigated propulsion technologies across various watercraft to compare their impact on lifetime greenhouse gas emissions, financial costs, usability, performance, range, and infrastructure implications.

Darren shared exciting insights into how this research marks a significant milestone for our industry. For the first time, we have united the global recreational marine community around peer-reviewed research, providing us with invaluable data to begin advocating for decarbonisation solutions and educating policymakers, stakeholders, and fellow boaters. The report not only sheds light on the environmental impact of recreational boating but also offers guidance on innovative solutions to reduce our carbon footprint while enhancing the boating experience.

You can read the executive summary of the report here.

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